Syntes DAM

Syntes Digital Asset Manager (DAM) is a robust application designed for efficient asset management. Seamlessly store, search, and manage various digital files, ranging from multimedia to technical specifications and beyond. Experience the transformation of scattered files into a secure, centralized digital asset library.

Streamline your assets

DAM application is an essentual solution for most enterprises, especially in Direct-to-Customer (D2C) and e-commerce B2C and B2B business.

Improve efficiency and reduce costs by eliminating duplication of files and redundant operations

Protect valuable business information with enterprise-level data protection

Share data securely with internal and external users

Save time and reduce errors by easily tracking asset usage and edits

Easily search for files using tags and metadata to improve productivity

Manage your product multimedia content

Managing multimedia content

Control, images, videos, pdf and other documents using a built-in Digital Assets Management (DAM) application


Design digital assets in different languages


Associate multi-language digital assets with different markets, locations and sales channels

360° images

Stock 360° panoramic images support

Convert assets

Convert digital assets for ecommerce platforms and marketplaces

Key features

Support for different media file formats and related metadata information

Drag-and-drop user interface for files and folders

Easy to use hierarchical folder-based structure for digital assets

Linking digital assets with any data objects within Syntes MDM

Categorization of digital assets using unlimited additional field, attributes and tags

Fast delivery of digital assets over the internet using built-in CDN — Content Delivery Network

Management of multi-language digital assets

Tracking and audit of data changes

Enterprise-level management of users and access permissions

Integration of digital assets with external files libraries

Export and import of digital assets with marketplaces and ecommerce platforms

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