Syntes adds business value in distribution with a multi-brand product content and product data management strategy

As distributors work to meet the ever-evolving demands of their manufacturers and retailers, they must strive for both excellence in product availability as well as timely logistics. Any delays or inaccuracies have potential long-term ramifications on revenue growth and relationships with strategic partners.

With partner brands continually launching new products and the e-commerce landscape in flux, distributors are facing a difficult challenge. Unprecedented changes with sales channels – such as marketplaces transforming online retail – have raised the importance of an effective omnichannel commerce strategy to succeed in this competitive environment.

By leveraging the power of Syntes cloud Master Data, Product Information and Digital Assets Management software, distributors have been able to enhance operations while simultaneously optimizing communications with their brand partners and retail channels. This has created new opportunities for stronger relationships and business growth for brands, retailers and resellers.

Accelerate time-to-market for distributed products

By harnessing the power of Syntes Master Data, Product Information and Digital Assets Management application, your multi-brand portfolio will benefit from an up-to-date and consolidated product information database.

Impress your reseller and retail partners by providing accurate details in their desired formats across all points of sale – reach marketplaces, channel partners & resellers at lightning speed!

Consolidate multi-brand and multi-domain data and optimize product information flow

In distribution business multiple manufacturing partners are connected with multiple resellers and channel partners. This model requires not only logistical and operational excellence from the distributor but also structured upstream and downstream information flow between all business partners.

Syntes MDM is a data hub for distributors and wholesalers. It gives you unified data management approach. You can simplify the way the product information передаётся from suppliers to  your channel partners.

Enterprise-quality user access permissions (project, app, data and team-specific, user-specific permissions) allows you to organize work with different brands.

Serving online and offline channels

Online marketplaces such as Amazon, Walmart, Mercado Libre, AliExpress, and many others provide new and efficient ways to serve constantly changing demand from customers. But the “digital commerce” model requires distributors to implement new approach how product information and content is being prepared and delivered to multiple marketplaces using very specific data formats prescribed by each marketplace partner.

At the same time, a significant part of customers continues to use the online branded store and offline point of sales. Omnichannel has become a prerequisite for success in e-commerce.

Syntes MDM is designed to integrate various direct-to-customer channels: marketplaces, online brand stores, mobile applications, social networks, physical stores – on one platform and radically improve business manageability and efficiency.