Syntes MDM Platform: Empowering Customized Integrations

With the Syntes MDM Platform, we empower your business to harness the full potential of customized integrations.

Challenges and Solutions


Unleash Your Data's Potential

Traditionally, reports and scripts in enterprise software are confined by pre-set templates. Your business often has to conform to these limitations. But not with Syntes MDM.

Limitless Possibilities, No Coding Required

Syntes MDM Platform offers a revolutionary approach. It comprises countless mini-blocks – actions and triggers – that serve as the building blocks for creating your unique scripts. All this, without the need for coding. Just a few clicks and a library of actions open up a world of opportunities.










Syntes MDM Platform Possibilities

Seamless Data Transfers

Effortlessly move your entire product database between marketplaces.

Instantly adjust prices across all your D2C channels.

Intelligent Automation

Implement if-this-then-that scenarios. For instance, modify ad campaigns based on inventory updates.

Capture and store comprehensive customer behavior data, including purchases, newsletter subscriptions, shipping details, and support interactions.

IoT Data Mastery

Gather and analyze usage and technical data from all your IoT devices. Enhance support, marketing, and product development.

Product Precision

Maintain meticulous product specifications for in-house use and distribution to your brand’s partners.

Facilitate real-time information exchange between suppliers and fulfillment centers for optimized logistics.

Witness Syntes MDM in Action

Curious to see how the Syntes MDM Platform can transform your business? Request a live demo today!

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