D2C e-Commerce Solutions
for Brands and Manufacturers

D2C e-Commerce Solutions
for Brands and Manufacturers​

Turnkey D2C e-Commerce

D2C Transformation of Your Brand

E-commerce has become an integral part of the world economy, and year-to-year its share in retail for every modern brand inevitably rises. Further delays in launching online sales channels cause lagging competitiveness and loss of customers.

However, implementing D2C (Direct-to-Customer) sales channels into your company’s structure is a large-scale and non-trivial task that requires an integrated approach and special qualifications. The “Old-school” offline-oriented sales force often does not have the necessary experience to effectively manage your brand’s e-commerce sales channels.

Syntes team provides its clients with a full range of D2C brand transformation services at all planning and development stages. We assume the full cycle of online brand sales, from developing a strategy at the earliest planning stages to ensuring all online sales channel’s effective daily operation. We are not only the developers of software products but also provide order fulfillment and customer support services.

CX Tranformation

Unique Customer Experience

CX is a unique customer experience formed by direct communication between the customer and brand. By buying products directly from brands, clients also receive good services and warranties without distributors or other mediators.

Direct links between the company and end-users are one of the critical features of D2C sales. This positive experience allows brands to form long and strong ties and raise consumer loyalty and customer focus.

Marketplaces Integration

Our Services

Strategy and Technology

We invent, plan, develop and launch direct-to-consumer marketing and sales business for Brands and integrate with existing channels sales channels.


We promote brand’s products in all online sales channels according to marketing strategy developed by our team or in collaboration with the brand.

and Delivery

We assume the full cycle of order fulfillment: storage, delivery, checkouts and payments, courier services, and delivery points.


We provide customer support for all communication channels, e.g., phone, emails, messengers, at all stages of the buying process.

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