Syntes MDM PIM
Cloud SaaS Platform

Syntes MDM PIM
Cloud SaaS Platform


Master Data Management

Syntes MDM is a multi-tenant, multidomain cloud platform designed to manage big data effectively. It’s available for a fair price, easy and fast to launch without large resource mobilization, and fully operational.

One of the most notable key features of Syntes MDM is graph-like data modeling that offers almost limitless possibilities. Users of our platform are free from constraints of fixed data objects and relationship configurations. Data modeling tools provide a simple and clear interface to set up structures and relationships of any complexity level.

Syntes MDM is also the integrated infrastructure, including a large number of components and applications. A highly customizable Workflow engine consists of standard and custom data integration components that can be chained to perform sophisticated or straightforward automation tasks.


Product Information Management

Syntes PIM, as a part of our integrated platform, helps simplify, systematize and optimize the product management of your business by entering the products into the unified database.

Robust and easily customizable product cards with rich content (e.g., videos, reviews) demonstrate your product’s advantages, key features and allows your customer’s experience truly unique.

Syntes PIM infrastructure includes multiple applications to integrate the leading marketplaces into our Workflow to shorten the time to market new products. Our platform allows you to build every form of omnichannel sales and marketing.


Sales Channels

Syntes MDM PIM provides easy and convenient tools to manage all online sales channels, from the product cards editing to displaying summary statistics of brand’s sales.


Our applications allow you to work with leading marketplaces such as Amazon, AliExpress, Yandex.Market, Wildberries, Ozon, Avito, Beru without ever leaving our platform.

About Customers

Syntes clients get the loyal customers database along with the additional useful information about the unfinished purchases to deepen their understanding of consumer behavior.

Trade Promotions Management

Our MDM platform provides the integrated and handy instruments to easily manage, simplify and/or automate trade promotions in all brand’s online sales channels.

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