Our New Partner – the Finnish Startup Loupdeck

Today we present our new partner – the Finnish startup Loupedeck.

Loupedeck has developed innovative consoles for specialists in new creative professions: computer designers, photographers, streamers. Flexible and compatible with the most popular creative software, these consoles make your work much more comfortable and productive.

The Loupedeck +, Loupedeck CT and Loupedeck Live line of consoles let you efficiently manage complex software, seamlessly integrating it into a workflow. Simple user-friendly interfaces make it easy to edit media content to perfection. Loupedeck Live makes the work of streamers and content creators easier and more enjoyable, Loupedeck + is intended for photo and video editing, and Loupedeck CT is the most powerful and flexible product of the entire line.

Loupedeck is headquartered in Helsinki, but the company’s clients are everywhere – after all, creativity knows no boundaries. And soon, starting from November, innovative consoles will appear in Russia. Sales organization here will be provided by Syntes.

As an innovative startup with crowdfunding roots, we have always focused on modern sales channels. The choice of the D2C promotion model is natural and logical for us. Syntes has a modern cloud platform for international D2C business and also has a successful track record of launching and running e-commerce for global brands in Russia and other Eastern European countries. Therefore, we look forward to a long-term and productive cooperation with Syntes in this region.

Mikko Kesti, Founder and CEO of Loupedeck

Our vast experience in implementing D2C solutions will allow us to undertake not only work with Russian marketplaces and dealer sales, but also development and support of the Russian-language Loupedeck website and direct sales through it. Access to marketplaces is scheduled for early November, the corporate website and online store will start working in December 2021.

We quickly found a common language with Loupedeck, as both of our companies united by similar values, business understanding, and approach to the development and use of the Direct-to-Customer marketing model. Loupedeck fits perfectly into our portfolio of unique innovative partners. We will be happy to present truly revolutionary Loupedeck products to graphic and video designers, streamers, video bloggers, and other content creators in Russia and then in other countries.

Andrey Lavrov, CEO of Syntes

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