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Big news for all our clients! We have signed a cooperation agreement with Ozon Rocket, a delivery service of the Russian marketplace Ozon. Ozon is one of the largest marketplaces in Eastern Europe and made its debut on the NASDAQ late last year and is rapidly gaining traction in Russia. Moreover, with Ozon Global service, sellers from the USA, Brazil, Europe, and worldwide can merchandise their products in Russia. Ozon delivery service is one of the most developed in this country. Unlike transport companies, Ozon Rocket delivers goods to customers with maximum convenience. It has pick-up points within walking distance and an easy pick-up procedure.

Recently, the marketplace has separated the logistics service into a new enterprise, making it available not only for processing its orders but also to offer fulfillment services for other online stores. The entire enterprise infrastructure and experience accumulated over the years is preserved and continues to develop. So, the new company, Ozon Rocket, has arrived, and Syntes has become one of its first partners. In this way, online stores of our partners’ brands and their end clients will soon access new fast and convenient logistics services. Ozon Rocket has 9,500 pick-up points, most of which are within a five-minute availability for customers. Branded points are located in convenient places and work 24/7 for real-time support. The delivery time is 1-3 days, and payments can be by cash or card. It is essential to notice that Ozon Rocket can deliver within Moscow and central Russia; customers can receive their orders in the Ural region, Siberia, and the Russian Far East.

The Syntes team is always on the lookout: we research and implement the best e-commerce solutions and services on the market. Reliable delivery time and quality are the critical components of an online store’s success. Ozon is a renowned company with high-quality standards. We have partnered with Ozon Rocket for several years, organizing sales for well-known brands through the Ozon marketplace. It’s exciting that now our customers will have new opportunities for storing, processing, and delivering orders.

Ildar Mukhamadiev, Syntes’s Director of Operations

The transfer of order information to the delivery service processes operates in real-time through the API interface. From the Syntes side, the connection works through its platform – Syntes Master Data Management (MDM). It allows the online store to work with various logistics services, distributing orders fast and with great flexibility. The extensive variability in order processing and the flexibility of order fulfillment are significant for products with a pronounced seasonal demand and for successful mass promotions and sales, such as Black Friday, Christmas, and New Year’s.

Syntes is implementing the first project to connect one of the largest Russian IT holdings – Mail.ru Group – with Ozon Rocket for the delivery of their smart speakers “Capsule.”

Syntes specializes in managing online brand stores for leading international and Russian brands and manufacturers. We have recently signed an agreement to connect the first Syntes client – Mail.ru Group, to our delivery service. We are pleased to start a joint project and have no doubts about its successful implementation.

Ivan Ishutkin, head of development and sales of logistics services at Ozon

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