PIM Implementation and Product Systematization

Product Information Management (PIM) is the backbone of modern e-commerce. However, companies often find organizing a product range and optimizing product management time-consuming and costly. This popular misconception causes many brands to postpone implementing a PIM platform, leading to a technological gap with competitors. It also, as described in our previous article, leads to increased risks and reduced profits.

Implementing and maintaining a unified product content database is not an easy task, requiring active and well-coordinated effort.  Based on graph data modeling, the Syntes MDM/PIM cloud platform helps companies combine product assortment into an efficient single database. This database is beneficial for global companies with multiple brands, different product lines, and categories. Multidimensional connections between “information objects” (e.g., products, product categories, product series and models, text descriptions, keywords, images, videos, user guides) allow you to minimize the amount of routine work and manual input. You only need to enter each variable once to link them within the system, and you can then reuse it with any new product information.

Besides, manual data input from scratch is not needed. Many companies implementing a PIM platform already use essential tools for managing product assortment; for example, ERP systems or online stores based on standard (or custom) CMS (Content Management Systems). Syntes MDM/PIM tools allow importing data from such systems, automatically entering it into the product database according to a prescribed algorithm.

Having a single control center and systematization of product data in PIM allows you to use all available information in any brand’s marketing and sales channels, from a corporate website, branded online stores, and mobile applications to printed and electronic product catalogs and various marketplaces.  The Syntes platform makes it easy for a brand to send any product information to its distributors and retailers worldwide.

API and Workflow used for data import also include many connector applications designed to work with most national and global marketplaces, CMS, and others. Syntes PIM significantly speeds up and simplifies e-commerce marketing.

Therefore, PIM is a required attribute of modern product management that quickly and efficiently addresses multichannel marketing problems.

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