PIM as the Basis of e-Commerce

Surprisingly, even in the modern world of computers, mobile devices, databases, artificial intelligence, e-commerce, and the rapid development of digital technologies, many companies still neglect to organize their product range, information about goods, including marketing content for digital and non-digital sales channels.

Lagging behind competitors in product information management (PIM) systems/processes creates several risks, including the delayed or asynchronous start of sales, challenges to convert the product content for different sales channels, and making it impossible to conduct sales on e-commerce marketplaces.

One of the main misconceptions associated with product management systematization is the apparent complexity and high cost of implementation. However, the Syntes PIM platform allows our clients to combine company products into a single database conveniently, quickly, and without involving large-scale resources.

The modern PIM platform is an indispensable tool that provides centralized management of product information and data integration for a variety of applications which include:

  • An official online store for web browsers
  • Brand mobile applications
  • Various marketplaces (with different integration requirements)
  • Electronic self-service kiosks
  • Advertising systems
  • ERP systems
  • Distributors’ and retailers’ logistics and product management systems

Syntes PIM offers a robust alternative to existing business solutions.

Modern online stores based, for example, on CMS (Content Management System) cannot solve business scaling, and businesses that use CMS inevitably face difficulties when marketing their products through other sales channels. CMS can only help create, store and display the product content on a single website or internet store and, in the end, functions only as a separate application.

The ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems software manages production, operations, finance, and accounting and does not address product management and product marketing concerns.

Syntes PIM allows companies to effectively organize their extensive product selection into a single easy-to-use database with broad functionality. Using this platform, you can arrange and manage:

  • Product catalog of your company multiple brands on national or international markets
  • Various product lines and single product variations (e.g., size, color, set)
  • Multiple product categories
  • Product technical characteristics and key features
  • Product images and videos
  • User manuals and information on product support

Syntes PIM allows companies to effectively
organize their extensive product selection
into a single easy-to-use database

The Syntes platform makes it easier for your business to keep all your product information up to date. It allows you to quickly adapt product content to the data requirements of any sales channel. It also provides automatic two-way data integration with the existing internal company systems (ERP, CMS, SCM) and external partners’ applications.

You can get demo access to our platform right now by filling out a simple form on our website.

Syntes, an international company, develops a next-generation MDM (Master Data Management) and PIM (Product Information Management) cloud platform and provides brands and manufacturers with services for creating, managing and automating D2C (Direct-to-Customer) sales and marketing channels. Syntes solutions and services are used by the world’s leading brands and manufacturers of consumer and business products such as Razer, Scarlett, Pantone, X-Rite, AVerMedia and others. Syntes is a registered trademark of Syntes, Inc.

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