Syntes Product Information Management (PIM) manages, enriches and synchronizes product data for omnichannel commerce including mobile apps, websites, e-commerce stores, marketplaces as well as conventional distribution and retail partners.

Syntes PIM software is for:

Syntes PIM is a single source of truth about product data across all corporate departments and for all external manufacturing, marketing, sales and support partners!


Keep complete information

Syntes PIM uses Digital Assets Manager to store a wide variety of content. This includes rich and multimedia product content but also product manuals, technical specifications, safety and compliance certificates. Information in multiple languages allows you to run your product marketing globally.

Be everywhere

Your product data will be synchronized automatically with every D2C channel, whether a brand's official online website, an e-commerce store, marketplace storefronts, social network pages, mobile applications. Your product content also will be delivered to your sales and marketing partners is the formats requested.

Launch your new products faster

Efficient and automated product information management reduces operation costs, time-to-market, and business risks associated with product management and marketing. Using PIM, brands can bring new or updated products to market up to 80% faster, according to internal research.

Exchange product information easy

You can synchronize product information seamlessly with your other enterprise software applications, business analytics, advertising and trade promotions systems and exchange information with your suppliers and distributors. 

Key features

Information management for complex product lines

✦ Centralized products marketing and product information database

✦ User-customizable product information structure including attributes, categories, digital assets, etc.
✦ Multiple product brands and product lines support
✦ Multi-model products (product variants), product series and product bundles
✦ Unlimited product categories


Seamless data integration

✦ Connecting products with customers, orders, inventories, prices, payments, and support!
✦ Exporting product information to sales D2C and offline channels and external systems via feeds and APIs
✦ All data formats are flexible and customized

Rich and multimedia content

✦ Managing multimedia content (images, videos, files, pdf documents etc.) using a built-in Digital Assets Management (DAM) application
✦ Stock 360° panoramic images support
✦ Extending and re-using product information for different sales and marketing channel

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Reliability and security

✦ Product marking (tracking of serial numbers, product labels, etc.)
✦ History and audit of all product changes and edits
✦ Enterprise-level management of users and access permissions to product data

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