Marketplaces – the separate application for each marketplace

All marketplaces have their features. We designed special applications tailored for the most popular of them. Control your product information, help your sellers or sell by yourself!

For Brands

For Distributors and Sellers

Price management

Change all types of prices fast and simple. You can do it automatically depending on customized triggers like changes in inventories, sales, promotions, or even competitors’ prices! Manual control is available as well.

Control of all operations

Receive and confirm orders, track returns, cancellations, and payments from the marketplace.

Marketplaces Title


This is especially important at marketplaces. If your product is not on sale in all colors, sizes, etc., its position in the search results will fall. With Syntes MDM application you can see up-to-date inventories both in Fulfillment-by-seller and Fulfillment-by-market place models.


With full information, you can follow reviews and ratings of goods and your store, compare it with competitors and always be on the top. You will never be confused with the marketplace's loyalty programs, points, and promotions.

Analytical reports

You can get various reports in tabular or graphical form. This will allow you to monitor work efficiency, compare with competitors and improve financial performance every day.

Want to see our Marketplaces applications in action?