Inventories – all your goods are under control

This platform application is designed to record and synchronize all stocks at all warehouses. It allows you to prevent problems early on, even in the current conditions with constant changes in supply chains.

United data center

You can control inventories at central, regional, and local warehouses, even if they are on the other side of the world. Fast and seamless integration between all D2C channels, your ERP, and your accounting system. The same inventories in each operation point.

Always up-to-date inventories

The information is processed in real-time. Automated data transfer ensures accuracy and completeness. Business processes become more efficient, and errors in planning and fulfillment are reduced.

Inventories management at marketplaces

This isn't just available for the Fulfillment-by-Seller model. With our integrations you can get current stocks even using Fulfillment-by-Marketplace. You will be able to replenish stock in time, and your products will retain or improve their rating.

Exchange product information easy

You can not only evaluate standard indicators – such as sell-through, days of supply or inventory age, but also create the kind of reports you need. This will improve warehouse performance and help you get full control over your logistics.

Want to see our Inventories application in action?