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Defender – a new Syntes partner

We want to introduce you to another of our partners, the international computer equipment and lifestyle product brand, Defender.

The Defender brand produces around 1000 items in more than 40 product categories – gamepads, gaming, office computer accessories, audio systems, network filters, and much more. The company’s factories are located in Western Europe and East Asia, and the products are sold in 20 countries of the European Union and the CIS. Hundreds of service centers work for tens of millions of customers.

Defender guarantees a high level of quality and safety for the broadest possible range of consumers: those who appreciate innovation and classics, gamers and office workers, children and their parents, homeowners, athletes, travelers, and motorists… For everyone!

Alexander Samosudov, Director of Sales Development in the EU Countries at Defender

The company is successfully developing and is interested in expanding its sales markets in Western Europe. In this region, Amazon is very popular among buyers and provides broad opportunities for brands, but it requires specific skills and competencies to organize successful trade.

European buyers appreciate the functionality, wide range, and accessibility of Defender products. At the same time, the brand focuses on constantly improving and developing its products, wisely handing over retail trade to specialists.

Syntes is an independent D2C operator with vast experience in e-commerce in general and on the German Amazon. Defender chose our team for the start of its European D2C direction.

Together with the Defender team, we studied competitors, selected the product range, and determined prices. Sales began just three months after the start of work on the project. We hope German buyers will appreciate the accessibility and wide range of brand products. The most interesting is yet to come.

Vitaly Genov, Development Director at Syntes

The Syntes team will fully take on the promotion and realization of Defender products on the German Amazon, interaction with buyers, management of promotions, and development of this direction as a whole. In the future, Defender will also be available to Amazon customers from other European countries.

Sales have already started. Gamer products such as the Defender Warfame GM-880L mouse with RGB backlight and the luxurious Defender Pilot gaming chair with ergonomic design are popular with customers. Wireless speakers such as the portable Defender Q1 speaker with many functions have also been appreciated by customers.

We believe in the success of Defender not only in Germany but also in other countries of Europe!

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