Pantone: D2C Sales for the B2B market

Pantone is a recognized global leader in color solutions and one of Syntes’ valued customers. The Pantone success story began in 1963 by creating the Pantone Matching System® (PMS), an innovative tool that allows you to select and reproduce consistent and accurate colors. Pantone’s color language currently covers over 10,000 color standards for various materials, including printing, textiles, plastics, pigments, and coatings. Pantone Standards are available both in digital and physical formats.

As the only authorized Pantone representative in EAEU countries, Syntes manages the complete cycle of D2C online sales for Pantone products from purchasing, storing, delivering goods to order processing, fulfillment, and customer support.

Syntes is the only authorized
Pantone representative in EAEU countries

Pantone products are widely used in all business areas where color choice is essential. These are industries where accurate color rendition is critical for aesthetics and design: advertising, marketing, branding, graphic and industrial design, printing, and textile production. In addition to the aesthetic function, precise color measuring is often essential to meet industry standards and product quality control challenges. For example, in Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), additional visual control is critical for strict adherence to products’ composition.

Syntes came up with a way to optimize Pantone products’ selection in their online D2C store by creating efficient navigation and search based on four elements: application industries, solution categories, professional areas, and product categories.  There is also an in-depth option to search for products within the catalog.

Syntes came up with a way to optimize
Pantone products’ selection

Some Pantone products are available in more than 2,000 color variations, requiring complex e-shop application interfaces for multi-model products, whereas more sophisticated products might require a consultation with the expert before purchase.

That’s why in Pantone’s online store, business customers can order and pay for the products or request professional advice using online chat, email, or phone. They can also connect with the Brand on social networks directly from the website.

Each year Pantone introduces new trending color palettes. This feature of the business promotes online customer engagement, which is especially important to brand development.  Having an established D2C channel helps to create a positive online customer experience and loyalty. Using the D2C channel is essential for its business success, even in such a specific area as color measuring and reproduction.

Pantone experts use various digital D2C marketing technologies to educate their customers through their online store on everything related to color by regularly hosting webinars and publishing articles on colorimetry, coloration, color measurement, and color matching.

Pantone’s business growth in Russia, including a high level of customer satisfaction, demonstrates the benefits of many years of collaboration between Pantone and Syntes.

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